Our efforts as a Foundation would not be possible without the support of our Directors and Staff.

Jody JacksonExecutive Director

Prior to becoming Executive Director of the John Jarrard Foundation in 2009, he served as the road / personal manager for country music performer T. Graham Brown and his band since 1995. Prior to that time, he was an account executive with Peach 94.9 / WGST and promotion director with Y-106 in Atlanta. He has been directly involved in booking talent, staging and supervising the production of major music events and handling promotions for them.

In his role as Executive Director of the John Jarrard Foundation, Jackson will be responsible for promoting, coordinating and organizing the annual John Jarrard fundraising concert and development of all additional concerts. He oversees and implements the vision and direction of the Foundation. He is a graduate of West Georgia College with a Bachelors of Arts in Mass Communications.

Board of Directors

The John Jarrard Foundation board of directors is comprised of a number of community leaders in and around the Northeast Georgia area.  Within the board is also an Executive Board that contains a number of founding members of the John Jarrard Foundation.  Current Board Members are:

  • Ann Ashley
  • Chad Black
  • Phil Bonelli
  • Corey Bradley
  • DeAnna Browne
  • Bruce Burch
  • Brooks Clay
  • Juli Clay
  • Valerie Darling-Ryder
  • Russell Dye
  • Brett Fowler
  • Todd Jones
  • Angie Kennedy
  • Joe Kennedy
  • Chase Miller
  • Leslie Miller, Chair
  • Allen Nivens
  • Michele Piucci
  • Karl Ryder
  • Crystal Schlieman
  • Chad Shore
  • Charlie Strong
  • Neil Tankersley
  • Mike Terrell
  • Doug Terry
  • Mack Vinton, Immediate Past-Chair
  • Philip Wilheit, Jr.
  • Steve Williams
  • Erin Williamson